Apple’s spring new product launch event forecast

In a blink of an eye, almost two months have passed since 2021. The next March and April will be a very lively and busy period in the digital circle, with new product launch events coming one after another. Among them, the most anticipated one should be Apple’s spring launch event. According to the news, this year’s spring launch event will be held on March 16. In view of the current epidemic in the United States, there is a high probability that it will still be online.


New products that may be released include the new iPad Pro, iPad mini, AirTag tracker, and AirPods 3 wireless earphones. Let us predict one by one.

iPad Pro

If the new iPad Pro is equipped with a mini-LED screen, it will undoubtedly be the most important new product at Apple’s spring launch event. The full-screen iPad Pro has not changed its design since it was released in November 2018. Now that more than two years have passed, innovations in screen material technology can be considered a major upgrade. At the same time, it can further widen the gap in product positioning with the iPad Air, which is similar in shape.


In terms of performance, the new iPad Pro is expected to be equipped with a 5nm process A14X chip and maybe the first iPad tablet that supports 5G networks. As for the price, it is expected to be the same or slightly higher than the current iPad Pro. In short, the biggest selling point of the new iPad Pro is the mini-LED screen, and this technology will also be applied to the new MacBook.

iPad mini

The last iPad mini update dates back to the spring of 2018. Although the exterior design is still the same, it is still better than game phones. Everyone has a special expectation for the new iPad mini, that is, it can adopt a full-screen form to get a smaller mobile game artifact than the 11-inch iPad Pro.


However, the new iPad mini will not be so radical, the front will still retain the top and bottom borders while using Touch ID. The screen is upgraded to an 8.4-inch display with a narrower frame, and the bottom interface still uses the Lightning interface instead of USB-C. The processor may use an A13 stock chip. If you pay more attention to portability, the new iPad mini will be a good choice.



Regarding the AirTag tracker, there is nothing to introduce. In fact, it is similar to the device search function. Now as long as you tie this little guy, you are not afraid to lose other items such as keys, bags, and bicycles.

AirPods 3

The new earphones have an appearance similar to AirPods Pro but do not have active noise cancellation. It may be equipped with an H2 chip to further reduce latency, improve connectivity, and extend battery life.


At present, Apple’s TWS wireless headset product line is becoming more abundant, including in-ear noise cancellation and head-mounted noise cancellation. AirPods 3 is an iterative upgrade of the basic AirPods, and the price will be more friendly.

The above is a simple prediction about Apple’s spring new product launch event in 2021. Everything is still based on the information on March 16. If you want to buy new products, you can prepare your wallet in advance.