iPhone 14 is determined to abandon notch: LG is developing the supporting panel

The iPhone 14 will use a hole-digging screen for the first time, and it will take about two years to transition. In 2024, a true full-screen product will be realized on the iPhone for the first time.

In line with this, LG Display, the second-largest panel supplier for the iPhone, has begun the development of related panels, especially UDC (under display camera).

In addition, LGD’s foldable panels are also in iterations, currently 13.3-inch foldable screens are already available, 17-inch foldable screens will be available in 2023, and 20-inch foldable screens will be available in 2024.

On the iPhone 13, Apple has reduced the area of bangs for the first time. Obviously, its next step will further increase the screen-to-body ratio. Sooner or later, it should be a matter of digging holes and under the screen. Earlier news said that next year’s four iPhone 14 series, 14, 14 Max will still be Liu Haiping, and the highest-end 14 Pro and Pro Max will be digging holes.