iPhone 14 series just released: no innovation?

The Apple event has been held as scheduled, and the iPhone 14 is here! It finally has no bangs. It’s finally not 12 million pixels for ten thousand years. Finally changed a little!

iPhone 14 Pro& iPhone14Pro Max

The two new captains of the iPhone 14 Pro series are like this –

The iPhone 14 Pro bangs are gone, but the exclamation mark that should come has not come.

Here comes a pill

It is pretty? Absolutely not! like a chopping board.

Pills for Android phones.

The left side:

The right side:

There are digging holes…there are too many, there are centered, left, and right. But without exception, they all look stunned…

Now, let’s take a look at this pill called “Dynamic Island” in the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Dynamic Island

When a call comes in, the pill expands.

When playing music, it becomes an actionable card.

It’s also a brand new notification shade. AirPods access, navigation, FaceID, maps… it all moves

Nothing a pill should look like. At the same time, for practicality, the operation interaction is also retained. picture

Apple is right, this thing feels like it straddles the realm of hardware and software.

In fact, when you look at an iPhone 14 Pro photo alone. The pill is still illegal.

But once it moves, it feels like the whole design comes alive. It doesn’t matter what Face ID and off-screen distance sensors are hidden inside.

This smooth and reasonable animation always makes me feel that Apple is not forced to make a pill-shaped hole, but it is deliberately made like this. I have seen many netizens who want to buy iPhone 14 Pro for this smart island. Due to the replacement of the bangs with this island, the black borders of the iPhone 14 Pro series have narrowed to a certain extent.
It’s a trivial improvement.
Serious improvement is still on the screen

Beyond 99.99% of Screens

The screen size of the Phone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has not changed, still 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

But the screen itself has changed.

The screen brightness is 1000nit, the peak brightness is 1600nit, and the outdoor excitation brightness can reach 2000nit, which can be clearly seen in the sun.

Moreover, this result has surpassed 99.99% of the current Android phone manufacturers.
Including Samsung, which provides the screen for the iPhone… its own S22 Ultra is only 1750nit.

More importantly, this screen is finally a full-blooded 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate screen. And Apple, without saying a word, came up with a screen display, This is not as fresh as the previous Smart Island. Android phones do not know how many years of bad street features have been played. The only difference with the Apple is that it’s not all black.

When the screen is locked, the screen will be slightly darker, retaining most of the subject, as well as details such as the color of the skin.

The screen dims a bit more when you flip the phone over with the screen facing down, or when you tuck the phone in your pocket.

New colors 

The iPhone 14 Pro has a new color – dark purple.

I don’t know if this color will be welcomed, what do you think?

Another focus of the back design is the camera.

48-megapixel ultra-large bottom three-shot

This year, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have bigger cameras.

As previously rumored, it has been upgraded to 48 million pixels.
Supports lossless cropping and zooming, which is the leftover from Android phones a long time ago, and this set is basically not promoted after Mate30.

Through cropping, Apple also created a “sports mode” for video recording of the iPhone 14 Pro— Super anti-shake.

When recording a video, the anti-shake performance of the video screen will be enhanced by an algorithm.

Aside from these operations, in fact, this 48-megapixel camera is still very powerful.

First of all, it is not the rumored IMX586, but a super-large bottom with a height of 2.44 microns after a four-in-one pixel.

Let’s take the iPhone’s nemesis, Samsung, for comparison.

The 108-megapixel main camera of the S22 Ultra has a single-pixel area of ​​2.4 microns when outputting 12-megapixels.

That is to say – the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro series is at least the same size as the S22 Ultra.

In fact, most of the iPhone’s energy is only allocated to the main camera. In comparison, the other cameras are much weaker.

The 3x telephoto camera is still 12 million pixels, and the ultra-wide angle is also 12 million pixels.

In order to improve the capabilities of these cameras, Apple has launched a new “light engine” that greatly enhances low-light photography. Thanks to processor performance and algorithm upgrades, these cameras have a two- to three-fold improvement.

A16 processor

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been upgraded to the A16 processor with a 4nm process.

Since 5nm to 4nm is not that big of an improvement… Apple hasn’t even changed the number of cores in the processor.

It is still a 6-core CPU, 2 large cores + 4 small cores, and the power consumption of large cores is reduced by 20%;

5-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine neural network engine. The improvement is not large, so Apple’s performance is compared to PPT, compared to the A13 in 2019.

In addition to the above, this time the iPhone 14 series also made two small functions – car accident detection.

On the basis of fall detection, Apple replaced the full range of iPhone 14 with high dynamic range gyroscopes and high g-value acceleration sensors.

These two sets of sensors can analyze the data to detect that you have a car accident when a car accident causes a rollover, violent acceleration, and changes in air pressure.

After a car accident is detected, it will enter a prompt similar to fall detection, allowing you to call the police, ask for help, and notify emergency contacts with one click.

Elsewhere, the phone sizes of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have also increased slightly.

Phone 14 Pro Max weighs 240g. The whole series supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof, or Lightning interface, supports Bluetooth 5.3 standard. The charging speed has not changed, it is still 20W wired + 15W wireless charging, and the battery life has not changed much.

iPhone 14&14 Plus

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus screen sizes correspond to the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

One 6.1, one 6.7.

Every parameter is unchanged, and there is no high refresh rate ProMotion.

The processor has been upgraded from the A15 low-end version to the A15 upgrade version on the previous iPhone 13 Pro…one more GPU core.

The aperture of the camera is increased, and the “light image engine” is added to greatly improve the effect of low-light photography. A high G-value acceleration sensor is added to realize the function of car accident detection. 

In other words, the iPhone 14 is an iPhone 13 that adds some of the basic features of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 14 series comes in five colors, black and white, purple, red and blue.

The above is all about the iPhone 14 series at this Apple event.

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