iPhone 14: With highest 2TB ROM, QLC flash memory will be adopted and notch will be abandoned definitely!

Half a month ago, the brand-new iPhone 13 series was officially unveiled. This time the iPhone 13 is very popular. Many fans have already got the phone and started using it.

Although the iPhone 13 series phones launched by Apple this year are not a big upgrade, compared with the iPhone 12 series phones, there are many upgrades in appearance and hardware configuration.

For example, in appearance, the notch area of iPhone13 series mobile phones is greatly reduced, and the screen-to-body ratio is higher. And the price of the iPhone 13 series is also very attractive.


It is worth noting that this year’s iPhone 13 canceled the 64GB version on the hardware configuration and added a 1TB version.

But in recent days, according to the news, the iPhone 14 next year will have major changes in appearance, such as removing the notch, and the hardware will also be upgraded.

The mobile phone memory will be upgraded to a maximum capacity of 2TB, using QLC flash memory.