Before you buy Apple Watch 7, you must first understand what it can do for you?

My Apple Watch has been used for several years, and the most used functions are alarm clock, unlocking MacBook Pro, do not disturb mode and other functions.

Apple Watch 7 will be released soon, let me talk about some very useful features based on experience! Some suggestions to friends who want to buy, I hope to help everyone

1. Alarm clock.

With the gradual music and the vibrating nudge, users can get up naturally in the morning without being suddenly awakened.

In addition, there will be a reminder interface to inform today’s weather and other conditions, very intimate!

2. Unlock MacBookPro without password.

This feature is really good! You can unlock your MacBookPro while wearing your watch, no password is required, which is incredibly convenient!

3. Wallet.

You can add a traffic card in it. When taking the bus or subway, you only need to put your watch close to the card machine, and you will be able to enter the station smoothly. It is really super convenient!

4. Mobile payment.

It supports offline payment codes, so you don’t need to bring your phone when you go downstairs to the supermarket

5. Physical training.

The types of sports that can be selected are very rich and still very interesting.


6. Flashlight.

It has three kinds of light, just choose the white one.

7. Assist you in finding a mobile phone.

Tap to make the phone ring, long press to flash

8. Theater mode & do not disturb mode.

When the silent mode is activated in the theater, the watch screen will become dim, but it can still receive messages and vibrate. Do not disturb mode is silent and there is no notification. This mode is suitable for being turned on at night.

Welcome everyone to add other useful functions in the comment area.