iphone 12’s first experience! Listen to me, bro, buy it!

The white version of the iphone 12 is really beautiful.

At first, I was entangled between white and green, and finally I chose white.

The feeling after use is super good, and there are no problems mentioned on the Internet at all!

I simply love it!

Be sure to check the machine first after purchase!

Step 1: Don’t tear the packaging! First check the phone model on the back of the box

Step 2: Use the serial number (the number on the second row of barcode on the back of the box) to check whether it is a brand new phone on Apple’s official website.

In the upper left corner of the menu-technical support-search support-warranty status (serial number) query, enter the serial number and verification code to query.

If it says please activate your device, it is a brand new one.

Step 3: Check the appearance of the phone.

Then look at the order of the 4 cards in the card box, which are card pins, manuals, stickers, and three packs of vouchers.

Otherwise it may be demolished!

Step 4: Check if the card slot, warranty certificate and the IMEI number on the back of the box are consistent.