OMG! One year after the iPhone was sunk in lake, its functions are all normal

Modern people don’t leave their mobile phones, even when they’re playing in the water. The most common way to protect them is to put them in a waterproof bag and hang them around their necks.

A lucky male netizen said that he was playing SUP (stand-up paddle) in the lake last year, and the iPhone hung around his neck accidentally fell into the water. The iPhone was in the bottom of lake for one year.

He didn’t expect to be picked up by the public due to a drought recently. The most exaggerated thing is that “all functions are normal after booting up”, which surprised and delighted him!

He immediately went to the lake after receiving the notice. He was told: “At the location where the phone was picked up, the low water level last appeared about 5 to 60 years ago.”

Because the water level dropped surprisingly a lot, the phone that he had sunk under the water was lost and recovered.

What’s even more amazing is that after picking up the phone, the water level began to slowly rise again. At that time, it didn’t even rain. He was shocked, “It’s really amazing. I still had insomnia for a few days.”

But what surprised him the most was that after disassembling the plastic case of the mobile phone, he found that it was intact. “I can only say that the waterproof case of the mobile phone is really great. There is no water in it!”

After the actual test, the wireless charging and wired charging are normal, and the functions after turning on the phone are also normal, which makes him very excited.