iOS15 will be launched in June, the new settings UI is more beautiful than iOS14

Recently, there are more and more news about iPhone 13 and iOS 15 on the Internet. But compared to the iPhone 13, the Apple iOS 15 released soon has a higher degree of accuracy.

Based on the news from many sources, the interface design of iOS 15 will usher in changes. On the whole, I think it is more beautiful than iOS 14.


According to the circulated renderings, the desktop icons of iOS 15 are designed with rounded rectangles, which are more rounded than those of iOS 14. Moreover, the overall interface style of iOS 15 will be more materialized and more three-dimensional than iOS 14.

At the same time, the control center of iOS 15 will also change. Whether it is an earlier revelation or a recently released rendering, the new control center of iOS 15 is very similar to the control center of macOS.


For example, the Bluetooth and WiFi of the iPhone will be in one control block, and other shortcut functions will be in another control block, such as sound adjustment, screen mirroring, do not disturb mode, and so on.

In addition, it may be that Apple finally heard the voice of the Apple fans, and iOS 15 has added the AOD (Always On Display) function that has been used in Android phones.

In the AOD feature of Apple iOS 15, there are display contents such as time, call, music, and health. However, in my opinion, it has always been stingy for the Apple team in opening up new to consumers, and it is likely that only iOS 15 is equipped with several or even only one type of AOD animation.


Of course, the changes in iOS 15 are not only limited to the interactive interface, but also upgrades in some small functions.

For example, in terms of screen widgets, iOS 15 will support more tapping functions, while maintaining aesthetics, it also enhances practicality.

It is worth mentioning that iOS 15 will also fully support the split-screen function. Consumers only need to drag the application software that needs to be operated at the same time to the top and bottom of the screen in the background to realize split-screen operation.


On the whole, I believe that iOS 15 is worthy of expectations. But unfortunately, according to the list of iOS 15 supported upgrade models exposed by the media, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE in the old iPhones may not be eligible for this upgrade.

I have learned that in this regard, there is also news that iPhone models before iPhone 7 cannot be upgraded to iOS 15.

However, this is not an official announcement after all. The specific upgrade situation of the iOS 15 system needs to be announced by Apple when it is released at the conference.


Earlier, Apple officials had decided to hold the WWDC in early June, when iOS 15 will officially debut.

At the same time, Apple may also release AirPods 3 and the new iPad mini. Are you looking forward to the 2021 WWDC?