Apple’s new Siri: neither male nor female

This time, the iOS 15.4 update brings a new Siri – neither male nor female

The more uniform descriptions in external media and in major communities are less gendered or gender neutral.


In beta, the new voice was simply named “Voice 5,” and for now, Apple has acknowledged that the new voice was recorded by a member of the “LGBTQ+” community.

Who exactly this new voice came from, Apple did not disclose too many details.

However, an enthusiastic iOS developer picked up the code and found that the file name of Siri’s new voice in the code is Quinn:

Coincidentally, in reality, there is a transgender football player named Quinn who has undergone sex reassignment surgery and won the 2020 Summer Olympics Women’s Football Championship.

This update is iOS 15.4 Beta 4 released in the early morning of the 23rd. The official version will have to wait a few more weeks. By the way, this test is currently limited to the United States.

Because voice is a matter of opinion, there are people who think “neutralized voice is good”, and some people who feel dissatisfied with “how do you make Siri look like a robot”:

In addition to gender differences, Apple has also added several regional accents to Siri.

Currently, Siri’s English options include British, American, Irish, Indian, Australian, and South African accents.