Is iPhone 11 still worth buying right now?

Many people inquiring about whether they can still buy the iPhone 11, it is true that the iPhone 12 series supports 5G, and the iPhone 13 is about to come out in a few months. It is not very cost-effective to buy a mobile phone that only supports 4G.

But I think it can actually be considered. In the case of reasonable price, the iPhone 11 series is not undesirable.


First of all, in terms of battery life, because iPhone 12 uses 5G, the corresponding battery life will be worse than that of the iPhone 11, which does not support 5G. Moreover, in many scenarios, the 5G signal is not good. When the signal is poor, the receiving power of the mobile phone will increase, which will increase the power consumption.


The second is that our current 5G application scenarios will be relatively scarce. Except for some specific scenarios, there are few scenarios where 5G can use high bandwidth and low latency at other times. Therefore, 4G is also sufficient now, and 5G construction in some places has not been rolled out yet, or there are relatively few rolled out areas. In this case, 4G is not considered outdated. After a period of time, 5G construction can be rolled out and then change to 5G mobile phones, the experience is also very perfect.


And generally speaking, friends who consider changing to iPhone 11 should be old Apple users, and they should be inseparable from Apple in terms of ecology, and the purchase budget is not enough to support iPhone 12, and the price of buying iPhone 11 will be lower now, and the A13 processor It will not be outdated. According to Apple’s usual system update strategy, it can also support several major version updates.