C-port iPhone is coming? The European unified charging bill is expected to be completed within this year

Since Apple launched the iPhone 5 with Lightning interface in 2012, it has never changed the interface design of the iPhone in ten years. There is also more and more debate about whether it is necessary to update the iPhone to the Type-C interface. Recently, according to media reports, the iPhone with Type-C interface may really come.


According to the media, in 2021, the European Commission proposed to use the USB-C port as a universal charging interface for devices such as smartphones, tablets and headphones.

On February 16, the EU said that the proposal is expected to be formally adopted by the end of 2022. Alex Agius Saliba, a member of the European Parliament who led the proposal, told the media that the European Parliament will formally vote on the proposal in May this year. After the vote, it can start negotiating the final proposal with EU countries, which is expected to be formally adopted by the end of the year.


When the EU proposed the proposal last year, Apple warned that forcing consumers to switch to new chargers would lead to a lot of e-waste, and that the EU’s push for universal chargers would be a detriment to innovation.