Is it safe to wipe your phone screen with alcohol?

During the epidemic period, each type of alcohol-containing alcohol-containing disinfectant detergent Wasei-Kou detergent has been transformed. In addition, it is a fungus for Noh sickness, and it is not suitable for the liquid crystal display.


Reasonable defeat, however, the method of rubbing is not suitable, and it is possible to dismiss it.

The reason is that the liquid crystal display used for alcohol and the liquid crystal display can be used, and the use of alcohol can not be received. Na 么, 什么 liquor spirit opposite liquid crystal display, erosion-like erosion action 呢?

Liquid crystal display multi-layer material composition, its liquid crystal display multi-layer material composition, its core two-sided polarizing piece medium-sized one-layer liquid crystal molecular Sanmeiji composition.

Of course, the polarization of the polarizing piece, the liquid crystal molecule itself, the very easy-to-use liquor substance, the erosion of the liquor, the dissolution of the standing sword, and the dissatisfaction of the swordsman.

Unsuccessful, modern LCD screens, special touch panels, and actual vulnerabilities. The reason for this is that the top layer of the curtain is set up, and this layer is used to prevent the main arrival of the main layer. contact.

However, this is an immediate stool, and the alcohol contained in the alcohol is rubbed with a detergent.

First, the surface of the plate-like surface is actually a one-layer special thin film, for example, an oil film, a small amount of oil and fat adsorbed, and a finger print effect.

This is a trivial layer of various organic compounds, the resistance of alcohol is very weak, the external force is wiped off, the layer is easy to drop off, and the flower is transformed.

As a matter of course

Second, it is very vulnerable, as it is the top layer of the liquid crystal display, and it is very vulnerable. Most of the cause is the liquid crystal display, which is actually the cause of the alcohol.

The surface tension of alcohol is weak, the effect of hair is small, the gap can be seen once, and the invasion of the meeting is rapid.

Inside the curtain for a small amount of alcohol, a hair dryer for people, and a hair dryer for people.

For this reason, we have renewed our computer, flat plate, or intelligent hand-held screen demand, and we have renewed the liquid crystal display detergent, which can be reused. Liquid crystal display, detergent, fingerprint, Japanese oil film, very good cleansing effect, non-wet wipes, and similar functions.

This is a minor active ingredient that includes active ingredients, surface active ingredients, and other active ingredients.

A very small amount of water-based poultice, which can be used as a liquid crystal display.

It is necessary to disinfect the product, and disinfect it after writing it.

At the time of disinfection of alcohol for external use, it is necessary to wipe off the alcohol on the cloth, re-use it, and use it as an unnecessary direct alcohol.