It is reported that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be released after the Spring Festival: the main image, or a joint name with Leica

The Mi 12 series has been officially released two days ago, and will officially usher in its first sale at 8 o’clock this evening, including Mi 12, Mi 12 Pro and Mi 12X.

And this time, the Mi 12 Ultra, which failed to launch the super-large cup model at the same time, has become a pity in the hearts of many Mi Fans.

However, according to the latest news brought by well-known bloggers, the Xiaomi l1 model will officially debut after the Spring Festival, and this is the internal code name of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.
Judging from the current known news, the Mi 12 Ultra may be consistent with the plan of the previous generation. It will debut around March, and it may even be released in advance. Compared with the current Mi 12 series, it will have video, fast charging and other aspects. Bring strengthening.


Especially in the image part, the telephoto lens that everyone regrets will also return on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and the specifications of each camera should be enhanced.

More importantly, there are many news that this machine will reach a cooperation with Leica, becoming Xiaomi’s first high-end flagship mobile phone certified by Leica.
Prior to this, only two mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei and Sharp, have cooperated with Leica and obtained Leica certification. If Xiaomi and Leica reach a cooperation, then Xiaomi will become the third mobile phone manufacturer to obtain Leica certification.

As we all know, the cross-border cooperation between Huawei and Leica can be described as a successful model. With the blessing of Leica, Huawei mobile phones have successfully stabilized the high-end mobile phone market, and Huawei’s imaging capabilities have gradually increased. Each generation of P series will dominate DXOMARK.

The Mi 12 Ultra, under the blessing of Leica, is likely to support Xiaomi’s foothold in the top high-end market, which is very worth looking forward to.