It’s time to say goodbye to the “waste” of large volume and low power!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Xiaomi company, and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition was released. The 120w second charging technology it uses makes people shine, and makes friends and businessmen sweat. In fact, as early as last year, the big friends and merchants have long started to compete for the cake in the fast charging field, but the unsatisfactory fruit simply cancelled the original charging head for the environmental protection cause. The sold version of the “fast charging head” has only been upgraded from 18w 20w. But the competition around high-power adapters, especially for laptop computers, has not seen waves, so please quickly ask the protagonist of today’s test-RAVPower 90w dual C-port PD fast charging head.

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RAVPower is a brand of Hutu Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the production of laptop batteries, AC adapters, mobile power supplies, mobile phone replacement batteries and various battery chargers. In particular, this brand was established in 2011, Born in USA, and USB chargers are the company’s long-established products, so let’s take a look at the specific performance of this company!


The RAVPower 90w fast charging head continues to use the classic packaging of this series. The big USA highlights the brand’s speciality and the frontal layout is almost in English, making the product more foreign.


On the reverse side of the package, the top is designed with a hook type to facilitate offline sales. There are more and more explanatory Chinese, after all, important information should be written straightforwardly.

The product selling points (in both Chinese and English) and parameters are densely listed. The specific parameters are as follows:


Visible input: 220~240V, 2A Max

PD output: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 4.5A, maximum support 90w (each port).


After the package is unpacked, the RAVPower 90w fast charging head body is displayed. I got the black color, so the standard C To C data cable that supports 100w charging is also black, and the cable length is 1.5m. In addition to these, there is a manual that does not need to be read.


In terms of the appearance of the charger, the RAVPower 90w fast charging head maintains the ID design of the same series family. The surface is treated with a white bright surface. The overall texture is matte, but it is very easy to leave fingerprints and is not resistant to dirt. Two C ports support dual-port simultaneous output, which can charge two devices at the same time. There is a blue indicator light above the two C output ports. The LOGO and PD words are gray, and the black is still a bit dim.


The RAVPower 90w fast charging head adopts a foldable two-pin plug design, which is very convenient for storage and carrying.


The bottom of the RAVPower 90w fast charging head is silk-screened with specific parameters, which are consistent with the back of the package, and are also in gray font.

This time the official focus is on the compact size of the RAVPower 90w fast charging head. Compared with the original charging head of the macbook, this one weighs only 212g and has a volume of only 65mm x 65mm x 32mm, but the power output is better than that of Apple.


Comparing the macbook 61W charger from multiple angles, the RAVPower 90w fast charging head is even smaller than it. You must know that it is a charger that supports a maximum power of 90w.

RAVPower 90w fast charging head adopts “iSmart intelligent dynamic power distribution technology”, which can adjust the power value of each output port (port) according to the current device, with adaptive adjustment of different power such as 45w + 45w, 60w + 30w, 30w + 60w, etc. , It can match the best charging effect for different devices.


In terms of use, the RAVPower 90w fast charging head is very suitable for business trips. In the past, you had to carry several chargers, but now one head can handle it. I have tested the mobile phone, tablet, and laptop. Due to some reasons, I did not photograph the collection process. I will explain the results:

When the RAVPower 90w fast charging head single-charged mobile phone (iPhone 11 Pro), the peak power reaches 8.9V 2.37A 21.1w; when single-charged tablet (iPad Pro 12.9 inch), the peak power reaches 15.01V 2.41A 36.17w; single-charged laptop (Macbook pro 13.3 inch), the peak value reached 17.19V 3.92A 67.38w.


When the two ports are charging at the same time (one mobile phone and one computer), since the RAVPower 90w fast charging head does not use gallium nitride technology, the charging head will obviously heat up after a long time. The temperature measured by the surface temperature gun is 65 degrees. To be honest The overheating is a bit serious. I guess it may be that the design size is too small and the interior is too compact, so there is no room for heat dissipation of the components. When switching power intelligently, if it was a mobile phone, and another device was added later, the mobile phone will be disconnected, and it will be recognized again after a few seconds to start charging.


In terms of usage scenarios, I first introduced the poor and traveling crowd, and then the multi-device crowd. It is small in size and light in weight, which can greatly reduce the load. It supports the PD3.0 protocol with dual ports and has a high power of 90w. Although it is not gallium nitride, the official price of 199 yuan is still worth buying. After all, one end is worth two!