Latest news! Apple iOS 15 offers you the food tracking function and lock screen UI adjustment

Only a few weeks away from the release of iOS 15, and there are surprisingly few reports about the new system.


This week, an unconfirmed source revealed some possible new features of iOS 15. Twitter user Connor Jewiss said that he has seen iOS 15.


Jewiss said that Apple plans to add a new food tracking function to the health app, which may allow users to record the food they eat, providing nutritional details and calorie tracking functions. It is not yet known whether users need to manually enter all the information, or whether Apple is developing some kind of food database.

There will also be changes to the user interface. These changes are found in the screenshots of accessibility features, and I believe they will appear in iOS 15, including embedded cells and merged navigation bars.

There are also some minor adjustments, such as dark mode adjustments, and changes to the way notifications are grouped on the lock screen. Jewiss also pointed out that unclear adjustments have been made to the information application, but little information is provided for these functions.


We also learned that iOS 15 will update notifications, allowing users to set notification preferences based on their current status. Jewiss said he can confirm this. For example, users will be able to adjust the way they deliver notifications when they are awake, working, sleeping, etc.

Media iMore editor Oliver Haslam confirmed Jewiss’ revelations and said that he had received similar information, but he reminded that it was a new source. Haslam revealed basically the same information, but he said that the lock screen will have a new look and will be more complicated.

As the WWDC2021 developer conference approaches, we may see more details about iOS 15, the WWDC2021 will open at 1:00 AM on June 8th, Beijing time.