M1X version of MacBook Pro exposure: performance or better than RTX 3070

Apple held the WWDC2021 developer conference in the early morning of June 8. At this developer conference, Apple introduced the updated version of its systems, including iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS, and MacOS. For developers, these system updates seem to be more user-friendly. However, for the hardware party, Apple has not announced a new generation of hardware products this time, which is a bit disappointed. However, in the review video uploaded by Apple to social media, someone found out about traces of the processor M1X. 


In the video uploaded by Apple’s official YouTube, someone discovered the mystery through censoring elements, that is, by querying keywords, they found the Apple M1X processor and the Macbook Pro equipped with the M1X processor on the WWDC2021 video. Obviously, Apple was originally to announce the new generation of Macbook at WWDC, I don’t know why it finally decided to cancel the release. Perhaps Apple believes that the M1X processor needs to be continuously polished.


Regarding this Macbook Pro notebook, the current news is that they will use Apple’s second self-developed processor, using an 8+2 architecture, that is, 8 performance cores and 2 performance cores, and will also be equipped with HDMI And SD card reader, and Apple’s Mac Pro notebook for workstations will use the high-end M1X processor, with up to 32 GPU cores, 64GB of memory, in the graphics test of GFXBench, the theoretical performance of M1X has exceeded RTX 3070 shows the strong graphics performance of this product.


At present, it seems that the performance of the M1X is too powerful, and it is expected that the heating power consumption will also be greatly improved. I don’t know whether the iPad Pro next year will be equipped with this processor.