‘M2 Max’ Geekbench Scores Leak Online, Revealing Rumored Specs and Performance

Geekbench scores for the alleged upcoming “M2 Max” chip have surfaced online, offering a closer look at the performance levels and specifics of upcoming Apple silicon processors.

The Geekbench results, which first appeared on Twitter, are for a Mac configured with an ‌M2‌ Max chip, a 12-core CPU, and 96GB of RAM. The Mac listed has an identifier of “Mac14,6,” which could be an upcoming MacBook Pro or the next-generation Mac Studio. Apple offers up to 64GB of memory on the current 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, while Mac Studio can configure the M1 Ultra with up to 128GB of memory.

According to the test, the ‌M2‌ Max chip scored 1,853 in single-core and 13,855 in multi-core. By comparison, the M1 Max chip in Mac Studio scored 1,755 in single-core and 12,333 in multi-core. If the ‌M2‌ Max chip turns out to be accurate, the performance gains will be relatively small for the upcoming chips.

The ‌M2‌ chip, due in June 2022, is based on an enhanced version of TSMC’s 5nm process. It’s not entirely clear what manufacturing process the upcoming ‌M2‌ Pro and ‌M2‌ Max chips will use. While they may be built on the same enhanced 5nm process as the standard ‌M2‌ chips, there are also rumors that it could make the leap to 3nm, offering significantly improved performance and power efficiency.

According to the results, the chip was tested on a Mac running macOS Ventura 13.2, a version that has not yet entered developer or public beta testing but is being developed internally at Apple. The first Macs expected to feature the ‌M2‌ Pro and ‌M2‌ Max chips are rumored to be updated to 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, while ‌Mac Studio‌ will launch sometime next year. The refreshed MacBook Pro was initially rumored to launch in October-November, but is now expected to launch in early 2023.

Apple has several Macs for 2023, including an updated MacBook Pro, an updated iMac, and the long-rumored Apple silicon Mac Pro. For a full look at all the new Macs we expect next year and beyond, be sure to check out our guide.

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