MACHENIKE Minions joint wireless keyboard and mouse set experience

Despicable Me made the Minions popular, gaining millions of fans around the world and even having their own movie. Many merchants also saw the business opportunity and launched co-branded products with the Minions, and the sales were quite good. In the e-sports market, the first peripherals co-branded with Minions went to MACHENIKE.


The keyboard is 87-key, so the packaging is small. The body is embedded in the anti-shake foam. From the protective film, you can see that the ASDW keys of the keyboard and the upper, lower, left, and right keys are blue.


The frame is pure white, the bottom plate is aluminum alloy stamping. It’s Minions’ classic yellow color match, and the keycap is three colors match of orange-yellow, light yellow, and Minions blue, it’s refreshing with a little naivety. Some special function keys are also made the object icon design, really good.


This wristband is made of cloth outside, and a memory sponge is used inside. It is very comfortable, and there is no need to worry that it will be deformed after a long time.


The bottom of the base support is inclined, which can be completely fitted with the tabletop. With two anti-slip pads, it is very stable and will not shake.



Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause Break keys are indicated by the eyes and hairstyle of the Minions. It’s so cute. Can you tell who they are based on the hairstyle?






The charging interface is Type – C and annotates the 5V 1A power input, very thoughtful.


Four status indicator lights: case lock, scroll lock, Bluetooth, battery.


This mechanical keyboard has two kinds of shaft body, namely the green axis and the yellow axis. I chose the limited edition yellow axis. The trigger force is 45CN, and the key range is 2.0mm, which is similar to the red axis.


The main key uses satellite axis design, rebound strength is moderate. The keycap using PBT material, thermal sublimation coloring, surface grinding treatment, touch is very delicate, but also can effectively prevent oil fade.


The replacement caps for the light yellow arrow keys, ASDW keys, and orange ESC keys are also included so that the keyboard will be entirely yellow.


The keyboard has an LED backlight, but it’s monochrome and doesn’t have an RGB effect. The start effect is very cool.


With the combination of FN + INS keys, you can switch the lighting effect in 17 modes.



The mouse is packaged in the same style as the keyboard, except that the Minion on the cover is Stuart instead of Dave.


Symmetrical design, but the two function keys at the right thumb are not at the mirror position, so it is more suitable for the right hand.


Three pads at the bottom, the MPW3320 sensor is in the middle, and the power switch, LED light effect control switch and the DPI switch button are on both sides.



The two function keys on the left can be pressed with a little effort, probably to prevent accidental touch, but in the game, it has a little impact on the smoothness of the operation.



At the top of the front is the Type-C charging port.


There are three electric indicator lights at the junction of the bottom and the side. You can see them as long as you raise the mouse, which is very convenient.


The mouse also has the effect of LED lights. The lights on both sides of the scroll wheel will change when the DPI is switched. There are 5 levels of DPI, and the corresponding colors are also 5 kinds.


There is also a light belt around the rear, which can be turned off by the switch at the bottom of the mouse to save power.

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