Why would your first mechanical keyboard be wired? Try the wireless Rapoo V500 Pro!

Just mentioning the mechanical keyboard, I believe that many people will think of the game in the first place. This is also because the durable and stable hand feeling and fast triggering of the mechanical keyboard are very suitable for the game scene. Now the applicable scenarios are no longer just the game, they can also be applied to games and office situations, and it also has various additional functions. Today let’s take a look at Rapoo V500 Pro. Let’s see how this entry-level mechanical keyboard will perform.


 The Rapoo V500 Pro has a conventional 104-key layout. The entire keyboard is also a standard design, without any publicity elements. The design elements are kept quite restrained and very low-key. With the black color scheme, you will not feel that this is a gaming keyboard. The bottom of the keyboard is also made of aluminum alloy, which can provide relatively good stability while reducing weight.

In addition, the indicator light and logo of the keyboard are located above the small keyboard on the right. The color matching black bright surface design is quite textured.


Because the 2.4G wireless connection is adopted, the keyboard also comes with a very small wireless receiver. Compared with wireless Bluetooth, 2.4G can provide a longer distance, and a more stable and low-latency wireless connection method, which is more suitable as a game peripheral, it is used in occasions with higher delay requirements.


Inside the 872g Rapoo V500 Pro key body, there is a 300mAh lithium battery, which can provide up to 50 hours of battery life. If it is as high as 5 consecutive hours per day for intensity games, the battery of this keyboard is sufficient for a whole week, and the charging frequency is not too worrying.

The Type-C interface on the back of the keyboard is directly used to charge the internal battery. It is directly used in normal use. Just turn on the switch.


There are foot supports and non-slip pads on the back of this keyboard. The upper part of the footpad also has a two-stage tripod, which can bring a more stable keyboard input experience. At the bottom of the keyboard, there is a row of anti-spill holes.



The keycap of Rapoo V500Pro is special. The material of the keycap is ABS, but the surface of the letters is frosted, and the sides of the keycap are brightly designed, which will show a very special reflective effect at a suitable angle. The key letters are engraved with lasers, so there is basically no need to worry about font abrasion. You can basically keep them as new when you wipe off the dirt on them under daily care.




The trigger stroke of the Pennefather red axis is 2.0mm, the trigger pressure is 45cN, and the hand feels soft. It is also very suitable for office and games, because the pressure is small, and it is not easy to feel tired after typing or playing for a long time. With a low-noise design, it is not easy to disturb people around when playing games in a crowded office or dormitory.