Workplace weapon for new women: Rapoo Raremo Air 1 mouse


When I saw Rapoo’s Raremo Air 1 multi-mode air cushion mouse on the Internet last week, my first impression was amazing. I have known the brand of Pennefather for a long time, and have always felt that their product pricing is simply the conscience of the industry. Then I took a look at the detailed parameters and performance of this mouse. Hey, I feel that I have found everything I want in it, really. It starts with the value of the face and falls into the talent~

The price is about 200 yuan, so you don’t need to bite your teeth, click to pay~ This article let us take a look at this air cushion mouse~

Multiple colors available, exclusive for new women

In fact, computer peripherals are relatively rare for women’s personalized designs. Why can the keyboard and mouse of the fat house be upgraded and then upgraded, but there are not many choices for the girl’s keyboard and mouse? pissed off!

Rapoo is still more intimate~ The new female raemo series is the first wireless charging mouse designed for girls. “Le” + “Meng” is the core pursuit of this mouse. Girls, there are always so many things that are beautiful and cute.


ΔΔLe Meng Air 1 air cushion mouse design inspiration, I think it is a girl’s cushion foundation; the color scheme includes graceful powder, intellectual blue, slightly drunk purple, and ice silver. All of them are brighter colors. Say goodbye to the fat house. Black, hahaha~


ΔΔ I chose the slightly drunk purple color. After all, Xu Song once said, “My sister said purple is very charming~” It feels nostalgic, isn’t it?

Excellent design, excellent grip


ΔΔLemeng Air 1 air cushion mouse adopts round polka dot roller, which feels better than the common wheel type, of course, it is also cute; the symmetrical structure has rounded corners; the hollow design makes the mouse appear light and easy.


The matte texture of the ΔΔ metal palm rest is excellent, and the English words “ralemo” of the Le Meng series are engraved on it, indicating the origin.


ΔΔThe design of Le Meng Air 1 air cushion mouse is not the same as the ergonomic design in everyone’s impression, but the grip feeling is still relatively good when using it, and it will be a little uncomfortable at first, but when I get used to it, the raised part of the tail just supports the palm of the hand , The hollow design is not easy to get sweaty hands. In addition, the main button and side touch are relatively delicate and silky.

Silent micro-motion, enjoy the time quietly


ΔΔ micro-motion can be said to be the soul of the mouse. The quality of the micro-motion directly affects the feel, elasticity, quality and so on of the mouse buttons. Lemeng Air 1 air cushion mouse buttons use silent micro-motion, and the mouse click noise is very small under the actual measurement, and it will not affect the people around you during office work.

Multi-speed DPI adjustable, applicable to multiple scenarios


ΔΔLemeng Air 1 air cushion mouse supports the adjustment of 600/1000/1300/1600 4 levels of DPI value. You can adjust the accuracy of the mouse immediately through the DPI button on the left side of the mouse. If you adjust it to 1600, you will not feel very floating when you use it. Feeling more stable.

Wireless/Bluetooth, smart multi-mode


Although ΔΔLemeng Air 1 air cushion mouse has a three-mode design, it does not use the traditional three-mode mouse-wired, Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G, but uses three wireless connection methods of Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.4G. The power consumption and delay are relatively low under actual measurement, and there is an intuitive improvement in work efficiency.

Multi-device connection, fast switching


ΔΔIn addition, another feature of Lemeng Air 1 air cushion mouse I prefer is the fast switching between different devices. It can be connected to 3 devices such as laptop/desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. (Is it a coincidence? I have all these devices. , And they are all in use), switching to use is also very fast and convenient, and office efficiency is greatly increased.


ΔΔLemeng Air 1 air cushion mouse has a built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which is compatible with Qi protocol wireless charging dock. There will be a red flashing reminder during wireless charging, and the red light will turn off when it is fully charged. Of course, it also supports wired USB-C charging , 2-3 hours full charge, battery life up to 25 days.

to sum up

I chose to start out of my love for the appearance of Raremo Air 1 multi-mode air cushion mouse. After some use, I feel that this mouse is not only high in appearance, but also has a good grip, stable wireless connection, mute level, DPI gear selection and support for switching between multiple devices. All of them make me feel that this is a oriented Women in the new era, but they do not fool the sincerity of women’s works, Lei Bai is still the easy-to-use and inexpensive Lei Bai.

Of course, if you are accustomed to using wheeled rollers, you may be a little uncomfortable with the Raremo Air 1 for the first time.