Mark Your Life With The YCN D30S Mini Printer

In daily life, there are many things we need to make marks.Today I would like to bring you the D30S mini printer, it not only has a high level of appearance, but also can print everything at will through the mobile phone APP.



The D30S mini printer has two models that are pink pig and brown bear, whether pig or bear is very adorable, mine is a lovely bear.The size is: 133mm* 81mm* 31mm, and it weights 160g.


There is a dial button at the top to open the top cover.



The D30S mini printer contains a built-in 1000mAh battery, which can meet the needs of long-term use, the charging interface is at the bottom.



Along with the D30S mini printer came three rolls of print paper, two white ones and one yellow cartoon print paper.


Download the APP on your phone to connect the printer, and you can choose the mark you like on the APP and print it.


The D30S mini printer is small and has convenient features, you can print marks anywhere you wnat.The use of sticker marks is also very wide, whether it is to make notes in office documents and study, or home living notes. It is very convenient with this printer.