Metal wind and music perfectly collide FIIL CC2 reproduces classic design

In fact, everyone is not unfamiliar when it comes to the brand of FIIL. In addition to the label of its own domestic headphones, everyone must be familiar with the identity of teacher Wang Feng’s behind-the-scenes boss. Before, I knew that this brand of headphones was actually not attracted by Teacher Wang. It is FIIL’s unique metallic design that has indeed created a distinctive design style in the cool and fashionable earphone circle. In the FIIL CC generation of products, this pair of headphones once became the topic of everyone advertised Airpods with its unique design and good sound quality, which is enough to prove that the strength of this pair of headphones is indeed good. Not long ago, FIIL launched the upgraded version of FIIL CC, FIIL CC2. I was fortunate to get this pair of headphones. Let’s experience with everyone how this pair of headphones performs.


In terms of appearance design, FIIL CC2 completely follows the appearance design of the previous generation. The simple and exquisite metal style design, coupled with the open storage method, makes the appearance design of this headset unique in the prevailing TWS Bluetooth headset today. . FIIL CC2 is also a semi-in-ear design that many people like very much. This is also a major reason for the popularity of this pair of headphones, but here I can boldly guess whether the third generation of FIIL CC will evolve into a similar Airpods Pro The same in-ear type, further in terms of sound quality, you can look forward to it.




If you want to say that FIIL CC2 brings those upgrades, you have to talk about the upgrade of Bluetooth 5.2, which is a step forward on the basis of Bluetooth 5.0, which has already controlled the delay relatively well. The most intuitive experience is whether it is watching videos or listening to music. 、Playing games can’t feel the delay at all. This is naturally related to the blessing of the LDS antenna, but it is a pity that FIIL CC2 still only supports the AAC HD transmission protocol. I hope to see the addition of APTX in the next generation.



The sound unit is the 13.1mm large dynamic coil sound unit of the previous generation, but it is still mentioned here that the actual sound quality of this size of the titanium-plated unit is much better than that of the plain water Airpods, plus good Resolution, the actual sound quality performance of this pair of headphones I still quite recognize.


Although in the sound quality part FIIL CC2 does not bring about an upgrade in sound quality, the battery life is definitely a major upgrade point of this FIIL CC2. 5 hours per ear with a charging compartment can achieve 32 hours of long battery life, which is improved compared to the first generation. For a full 14 hours, this time I really achieved a two-week charge, comfortable! However, in addition to the battery life upgrade, FIIL CC2 also brings a call upgrade. The ENC call noise reduction can achieve a noise reduction of about 20db. According to the normal 50-60db noise, 20db can indeed make the call very clear.



After actual experience, FIIL CC2 has perfectly inherited the excellent performance of the previous generation, whether it is its own exclusive music, video, game three modes, or sound quality. The shocking bass is matched with good resolution, and the three frequency is considered relatively balanced. From the perspective of battery life, ENC call noise reduction and power display, FIIL CC2 is more like a supplementary upgrade of the previous generation product, which improves the completion of the product itself.



Summary: Although FIIL CC2 has not brought substantial upgrades, it has relied on the outstanding performance of the first generation to make experience upgrades. Starting from good sound quality and design, it has made supplements in terms of battery life, call and delay, plus the first release The price is consistent with that of the first generation, which is an increase in volume without price increase. However, I still think the APTX high-definition Bluetooth transmission protocol is still worth upgrading for the next generation of products. In addition, FIIL CC2 can be regarded as a pair of semi-in-ear headphones with a very high degree of completion and is highly recommended.