Mi 11 Ultra VS Samsung S21 Ultra, which one is the real Emperor of Android?

After the Xiaomi 11 Ultra went on sale, it was indeed a great success. Its sales were higher than that of the Xiaomi 11 Pro. The so-called Light of Android has also been recognized by everyone. However, Samsung, which has long been the king of Android phones, has not dared to call itself The Light of Android. How dare Xiaomi?

At present, Samsung’s strongest mobile phone is Samsung S21 Ultra. Recently, a blogger gave a comparison, saying that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is worthy of the name of the Light of Android.


1. Larger main camera sensor

The main camera of the Mi 11 Ultra is currently the largest size, reaching 1/1.12 inches. Although Samsung S21 Ultra has 100 million pixels, the size is only 1/1.33 inches. In terms of parameter comparison, the S21 Ultra is a bit worse. A larger sensor can capture more details and significantly improve the dark light performance and dynamic range.


2. Larger ultra-wide-angle sensor

Mi 11 Ultra is equipped with a 48MP F2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens with a size of 1/2.0 inches. The Samsung S21 Ultra is only a 12MP F/2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens, and the size is only 1/2.55 inches. In terms of details and dynamic range, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has more advantages.


3. A stronger processor

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor. Although the Samsung S21 Ultra also has the Snapdragon 888 version, it is limited to the United States and China. Only the Orion 2100 version is available in other markets. The performance of Orion 2100 has been significantly improved, but the overall performance is still slightly worse than that of Snapdragon 888.


4. A better screen

Both phones have 2K+120Hz screens. The Mi 11 Ultra has the highest brightness of 1700nit and supports Dolby Vision. The advantage is that the viewing experience is better and the display effect is more accurate.

S21 Ultra has a peak brightness of 1500nit and supports HDR10+. From these two points alone, it seems that Xiaomi’s display is better, but you must know that the Samsung S21 Ultra’s screen also supports a dynamic refresh rate of 1-120Hz. You can say that Xiaomi has more features, but it does not mean that Samsung’s screen is inferior to Xiaomi. After all, Samsung still has to keep the strongest and best screen for itself.


5. Faster wired and wireless fast charging

Both phones have 5000 mAh batteries, but Mi 11 Ultra supports 67W wired + 67W wireless fast charging. Samsung S21 Ultra only has 25W wired + 15W wireless fast charging, which is not an order of magnitude at all. Moreover, Samsung does not offer a charger.

From the above five points of comparison, Samsung S21 Ultra really has no winning sides, the only thing that can compete with Xiaomi 11 Ultra is the screen. And Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is much cheaper. After reading the above comparisons, do you think the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra beats the Samsung S21 Ultra?