Xiaomi MIUI repair announcement this week: Xiaomi Mijia will adapt to Win11

1. In the dark mode of the development version, some scenes of the third-party APP are abnormally adapted

Progress reply: If the third-party app is not in the list of more dark mode settings, the third-party app will be promoted to adapt itself

2. The development version slides back and the gesture vibration disappears

Progress reply: It has been repaired in the development version, please update the latest version to verify the repair situation

3. Mi 11 Ultra is charging slowly in version

Progress reply: Please use the original charger and data cable as much as possible, clean the USB port and keep the USB port dry to charge.

As the temperature rises, the heat dissipation efficiency of the mobile phone decreases and the sensory temperature rises. In addition, the charging itself will generate heat, which causes the problem of slow charging speed in some scenes. Please understand.

4. Redmi Note 9 Pro can’t wake up occasionally in

Progress reply: Xiao Ai’s wake-up experience has always been our focus: we are promoting the upgrade of Xiao Ai’s voice wake-up algorithm. After the upgrade, the voice wake-up experience will be significantly improved.

Including awakening, difficulty awakening, and false awakening problems will be significantly improved

5. The screenshot of the development version has been saved, and the notification bar abnormally prompts that the screenshot cannot be saved

Progress reply: It has been repaired in the development version, please update the latest version to verify the repair situation


6. After upgrading MIUI12.5 enhanced version, some themes and wallpapers are not compatible

Progress reply: Some themes do not match the MIUI12.5 enhanced version, which can be resolved by upgrading to the latest version in the app store

7. Mi 11 fever in daily use

Progress reply: The balance mode of Xiaomi mobile phones has been in the internal testing stage. The average user defaults to the balance mode, and the power saving is basically smooth (it is expected to go online in August).

The resolution and refresh rate can be switched intelligently according to different applications, and the control of background applications is more stringent (including background networking, large and small core scheduling, synchronization, wake-up, lock holding, etc.).

While ensuring smoothness, it improves the battery life of the phone and reduces abnormal heat.

8. The development version’s lock screen shutdown verification password setting is invalid

Progress reply: The shutdown verification password will take effect in the lock screen scene, and the verification password will be prompted when the shutdown is turned off. The current function has entered the development version and will gradually enter the stable version

9. Redmi Note 10 Pro restarts in version, some scenes are used

Progress reply: further investigation is underway, please verify the optimization in subsequent versions

10. Redmi Note 10 Pro is in version, occasionally data cannot be accessed online

Progress reply: further investigation is underway, please refer to the tutorial link to grab the log of the problem recurrence process.