Mi Band 6 with full screen will be unveiled on the 29th

Xiaomi will hold a launch conference at 19:30 on March 29. It is expected that Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra, Xiaomi MIX, notebooks, and other products will be unveiled. The official said that it may be the launch conference with the most new-products in history. 

Today Xiaomi released a poster, officially announced the Mi Band 6, and stated that the product will be unveiled at the 29th launch conference. It can be seen from the poster that the new generation of bracelets will achieve a full screen, the screen display range covers the semicircular area above, and the distance between the screen and the frame will be narrower.


The new bracelet still uses the previous appearance design, but the bracelet body is larger, and the curvature of the screen edge will be more obvious. According to the official, the screen of Mi Band 6 will be larger, breaking through the screen limit and reinterpreting the classic design.


The UI icon of the Mi Band 6 had been exposed before, and it also showed a full-screen design. The UI interface style of the bracelet inherits the design of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. The icons are similar, but it is expected to realize more application functions and is expected to realize the blood oxygen detection function. The official also stated that this time, they will give you a different kind of healthy and new life.