Xiaomi launches Mijia smart steam oven

Mijia Smart Steam Oven 12L adopts NTC intelligent electronic temperature control technology, which can accurately control the degree of baking, the time setting is accurate to 1 second, and the temperature is accurate to 1°C to ensure proper taste.

This small oven is very versatile, whether it is making tender baked egg toast, cheese pizza, dry grilled prawns, crispy steak, crispy grilled biscuits, or BBQ skewers.


Mijia smart steam oven 12L with a power of 1300W, using a quartz tube heating, can save the preheating waiting for simple cooking and reduce the cooking time. In the toast mode, you can add 5ml of water through the water injection port. Steam will be generated in the oven and a water film will be formed on the surface of the toast to maintain a soft taste.