MIUI 13 has begun to warm up! Xiaomi Mi 12 series are pre-installed with MIUI 13…

MIUI 13 was officially announced on December 26, and it was confirmed that it will be released at the same time as the Mi 12 series at 19:30 on the 28th.

The poster seems to reveal some of the design elements of MIUI 13, including curves, squares, perspective, flattening, and colorful.

Xiaomi Vice President Chang Cheng said that MIUI 13 is pre-installed on the Mi 12 series. This time, MIUI 13 has many upgrade points.


On Weibo, Lei Jun also launched a vote to solicit netizens’ inclination to improve MIUI. Before the deadline, “Smoothness and non-stuck” came first, followed by “less bugs and fast bug fixes”, and again “good-looking and easy-to-use interaction”.

The previous generation of MIUI 12, including MIUI 12.5, caused some complaints among users, and Lei Jun also stated many times that the MIUI team is making every effort to optimize and adjust.

Considering that Xiaomi Mi 12 slogans “fast and stable” this time, I believe it is not only about the adjustment of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1, but also the brand new MIUI 13 system.

It is worth mentioning that, from the recognition of GeekBench 5, MIUI 13 equipped with Mi 12 series is based on Android 12.