MOMAX MagSafe Elite Protective Case fits your iPhone well with one click

I believe that most of the friends who have purchased the iPhone12 series of mobile phones will want to choose an official phone case of the same model or more cost-effective ones. There are many choices on the market, and the price and quality are also uneven. Then the MOMAX MagSafe elite case is a very good choice, which is specially designed for the full range of iphone12. 


The MOMAX MagSafe Elite Case is an MFI case that has been officially certified by Apple. It fits all iPhone 12 mini/12/12pro/12pro max phones perfectly.


The MOMAX MagSafe Elite Case has built-in Apple’s original MagSafe magnetic modules, which can be delicately attached to each other through magnetism. It looks like the official original case, but the actual use experience even exceeds the official case.


Just put it lightly, it can be quickly installed in place and close to the iPhone body. The disassembly and assembly are very easy, without any extravagance. When fitting, it will not feel that the phone body and the case are too tight, but it will not be very loose as well.


The MOMAX MagSafe elite protective shell is well-made by high-end materials, so it has a particularly good hand feel. The delicate leather touch and elegant texture are reflected. It is both thin and light, and soft in the hand. It is extremely comfortable and the thickness is 11mm.


The holes are well polished, whether the power interface speaker at the bottom or the power button and volume button on the side, they are all just right. The metal buttons show the quality, and it doesn’t require much effort to press.


Just find a magnetic charger, attach it without pressure, it is not easy to fall, the magnetic location is very accurate, which is really great!


And after the magnetic charger is charged and powered on, the charging effect is not affected at all. The actual experience is quite good. 

It is worth mentioning that the MOMAX MagSafe Elite Protective Shell is highly resilient and anti-drop, the flocking lining is soft and scratch-resistant, and the drop type provides all-inclusive protection, which greatly protects us from accidentally falling and breaking the screen.


In addition, the MOMAX mobile phone case is also very detailed in protecting the lens. The frame and the camera are slightly raised to help protect the touch screen and the safety of the lens.