Netflix users of iPhone and iPad will enjoy Spatial Audio

According to the news, Netflix officially announced that it will provide Spatial Audio for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Netflix said that iPhone upgrade to iOS 14 version or above, iPad upgrade to iPad OS 14 or above to support Netflix’s Spatial Audio Spatial Audio.

Of course, Spatial Audio still has requirements for headphone devices, and users also need to wear compatible audio peripherals such as AirPods Pro or AirPods Max to experience it.

Spatial Audio, as its name implies, allows users to feel sounds coming from multiple directions at the same time when wearing compatible earphone peripherals, so as to get a more immersive sound experience.

It creates an immersive experience similar to a theater for users, and is also conducive to listening to the sound position and better analyzing the position of multiple sound sources.

It is expected that in the early stage of the release, Netflix will only push the Spatial Audio test experience to a few users.

The Netflix platform will continue to bring Spatial Audio functions to some movie resources in the next few weeks. I believe we will be able to enjoy the Spatial Audio functions soon, so please prepare your earphones quickly.