Netizens exposed a screenshot of the MIUI 13 interface: Xiaomi wants to enable a new design?

Xiaomi is working harder to build and design MIUI. After all, this is the soul of Xiaomi mobile phones.

Now, some netizens have exposed the first screenshot of the so-called MIUI 13. It is said that MIUI 13 will be released at the end of this year.

Judging from the exposed screenshots, Xiaomi seems to have adopted a new design. The position of the default search bar seems to be moved to the bottom of the screen, and floating widgets and custom notifications for specific scenes have been added.


In fact, before this, the MIUI team accepted everyone’s suggestions, first concentrate on polishing the core experience, and solve the basic experience issues that everyone is most concerned about.

MIUI 13 will be released at the end of the year, and I hope it will live up to everyone’s expectations.

It was previously revealed that MIUI 13 will also add fusion memory technology, with a maximum increase of 3GB RAM, and the new system will be comprehensively improved in terms of fluency, UI visual effects, and special functions.