The newly launched Huawei Watch Fit Elegant looks just gorgeous

The new Huawei Watch Fit Elegant is here! Added two color schemes: Frost White and Magic Night Black. The classic color scheme can be controlled by both men and women, highlighting the advanced style, and let OOTD bring its own highlights!

The precision-forged stainless steel case and the light and comfortable fluoro rubber strap complement each other, which can not only show the sense of high-quality in the details but also reduce the burden during exercise.


HUAWEI WATCH FIT’s built-in 12 animated fitness courses will allow you to move along with the animation, and complete operations like a gym at home, giving you a reason to stay home. In addition, it also provides 44 standard movement demonstrations and 96 built-in exercise modes to meet your daily exercise needs and accompany you with every new attempt.

HUAWEI WATCH FIT can sense your every heartbeat, monitor your sleep, pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen, protecting your health in 24 hours.

Besides, it has a 10 days battery life.