Next King of tablet and laptop? Realme confirms tablet and laptop are coming

According to the news, the Realme has just confirmed that its Realme Pad tablet and Realme Book laptop devices are indeed real and on the way. There’s no word on an exact timeline though, short of a supplied image noting that the laptop is “coming soon.”

Well, we indeed got a closer look at the laptop, yet, showing off a Macbook-style design and two USB-C ports on the left-hand side. Images and info got by us show a 3:2 screen with relatively thin bezels and Realme branding on the lid.

In the mean time, the supplied Realme Pad picture is in line with the picture obtained by us last week. In other words, you can make out a decently sized camera hump, a metal-like build, and squared-off design of sorts. 

Realme Book

The laptop from Realme was recently spotted in pictures. These images provide a good look at the externals of the laptop but the internal specifications are yet to surface.

Images show the new Realme laptop from multiple angles. In terms of design, if the leaked pictures are to be believed, the laptop takes heavy inspiration from Apple’s MacBook Air line-up.


Realme Pad

The tablet was not pictured completely but a screenshot of the launch presentation confirms that the tablet will be called Realme Pad. The sides of the tablet, which is seen in the image, show squared off edges, similar to the latest line-up of Apple’s iPad Pro. There’s not much to go about, but we can see a camera bump on the back panel which indicates a dual or single lens unit.