Nintendo Switch OLED model has a longer screen, suitable for original accessories

Nintendo said that Nintendo Switch OLED does not have a new CPU or more RAM than previous models.

It is equipped with a new OLED screen, the battery life is the same as the current Switch is 9 hours, and the length is slightly longer than the original model.

The weight of the host is also heavier than the original 290 grams (320 grams), and the original Joy-Con can also be applied to the new version of the Switch.

This Nintendo Switch OLED only has the same name as the previous rumors, with a 7-inch OLED screen and a larger 64GB RAM storage space, but the resolution is only 720P instead of 4K.

Even if it is connected to the TV through an HDMI cable, it can only display up to 1080P resolution, and the processor is the same.

Equipped with NVIDIA’s customized Tegra processor, compared with the performance of Microsoft Xbox and PS5, the advantage of Nintendo Switch is still three-in-one, and there is not much change.


In terms of accessories, the new version of the Switch has a new color-matched Joy-Con accessory, as well as a new desktop accessory.

In addition to the continuation of the previous generation, which can contain HDMI and charging cables, it also has an Ethernet transmission port and improved the effect of playing music on the table.

As for the bracket on the back of the Switch itself, the angle can be adjusted. The intention is to hope that players can play fast multiplayer games with their friends.