Not enough laptop ports? A splitter solves the problem

Today’s laptops are becoming thinner and lighter, and many interfaces have been ruthlessly omitted. However, in actual use, USB interfaces are still indispensable for external devices, which makes the interface not enough, so why not use a HUB point. To solve the problem?


ORICO’s digital peripheral product line is very rich. Take this small splitter, there are many models and designs, such as today’s experience sharing, there are 7 ports and 4 ports, and there is also USB3. 0 and USB2.0 points, and even with card reader slots, players can choose freely.


The price difference between different products is not very big, after all, it is a small thing. Today I’m sharing a 7-port USB3.0 model, and such a blue USB interface looks good.


At present, most peripheral products are compatible with different versions of interfaces, but there are also a few that only support USB2.0 interfaces, so users can choose 4+3 models.


I believe that many small partners are accustomed to using the USB interface to charge the device, or use it to mount high-power peripherals, so the Type-C external 15W power supply port reserved by ORICO humanization is very practical to ensure sufficient power supply and equipment run smoothly.


In terms of appearance, this ORICO splitter is still very online, with a simple striped texture design on the surface, which is very textured. The distance of each USB interface is also very elegant to ensure that the two devices are used at the same time without interference.




 The expansion of 7 USB ports is more than enough for daily use. It can not only be used to read and write mobile storage such as U disks, but also can be used to charge mobile phones and other devices, but the charging speed may not be that fast.


It can be said that ORICO’s splitter can bring a lot of convenience to users. If there are many peripherals to use on weekdays, then you must start with a USB splitter, which can also protect the native USB interface of the laptop to a certain extent. Avoid frequent plugging damage.

However, such a splitter also has certain limitations. For example, if multiple devices are used at the same time, it may not be able to use normally due to insufficient power supply. In addition, its wires are also a bit stiff and not soft enough to use.