Simple, compact and fast, ORICO USB3.0 HUB

Since I switched to a 17-inch laptop, my laptop bag has always been crowded. The power supply, various lines, and adapters all make the bag full. For notebooks, it is inevitable that you will need to expand the USB socket for more peripherals, so products such as HUB are naturally indispensable. Although it is a small product, I chose this ORICO USB3.0 HUB based on the price, the speed is good, and the compact size.


This Orrick HUB has a minimalist design and a traditional 4-port design. The outer packaging adopts the traditional white simple package, with an environmentally friendly carton inside. The accessory comes with a user card and simple manual to match, and the price is also very close to the people.


A very simple small product, using the integrated design of the line and the USB socket, the line length is only 10 cm. The blue USB3.0 high-speed socket matches. The overall pure white design, the all-plastic case is forcibly stuffed into the corners of the notebook bag, it will not take up much space, and the notebook case will not be scratched.


The English letters of ORICO are printed on the front, and this side has three extended USB 3.0 ports. The workmanship is OK without glitches.


The workmanship of the product has inherited Orrick’s consistent fine craftsmanship, and the surface is meticulous. In addition to the front USB 3.0 interface, a USB interface is also designed on the side to facilitate the insertion of larger expansion devices to further meet the needs of different users.


During normal operation, there will be a blue indicator light in the middle of the Orrick HUB. Even when multiple devices are used at the same time, the power supply can be basically normal. A small figure can bring great expansion, and it is quite convenient to use.


From the read and write effect of the U disk, its transmission speed is similar to that of the USB socket directly inserted into the notebook, and it still maintains the high speed and stability of USB3.0.


In general, this is a small device that is simple and friendly to the people. The shortcoming of the product is the full plastic shell. The workmanship is relatively average, and the pulling effect of the top position of the line is also limited. However, the overall flaw is not concealed. Small products can be easily stored and carried, and the speed is satisfactory. It can expand the socket for your notebook and tablet devices. Those in need may wish to try it like me.