Now it is even more realistic! Xiaomi improves the vibration of Mi Haptic on MIUI 12.5

One of the often underestimated aspects when buying a smartphone is that related to the vibration, yet when this does not live up to expectations, you immediately notice it making you hate your purchase.

Many are the reviewers who in fact mention the quality of the vibration in the course of their analysis and Xiaomi just in response to these needs, for some time has introduced the Mi Haptic vibration mechanism which with the advent of MIUI 12.5, will reach top levels with realistic effects.

Here is that the most geeks, who were able to install the MIUI 12.5 Beta on their device, report the excellent experience obtained with Mi Haptic, a system further refined by the Asian brand and in fact a menu dedicated to vibration has been added in the phone settings, from which you can activate or deactivate, tactile feedback and adjust its intensity.

From the newly added menu, you can already have a preview of Mi Haptic’s operation.

In fact, audio and vibration work in sync to return a more realistic feedback, being able to choose 3 different categories of patterns

Then we have the Base pattern which instead uses low frequencies, to accentuate visual transitions and make gestures more natural.

Finally, we move on to the Pop pattern which includes elastic and sudden sound effects for actions such as opening pull-down menus, retractable menus and in the on / off slider.

It is not clear if this new feature will be implemented to all devices that will be supported at the migration of MIUI 12.5 or if it will be exclusive to a few models, as has already happened for other interesting news that we have already told you always on the pages of our blog.