OnePlus 10: The flagship phone in 2022 will be equipped with the Android 13 system shared with Oppo for the first time

In June, OnePlus officially confirmed that it became an independent operating brand of Oppo, and immediately announced that it would integrate OxygenOS with ColorOS. The chief product officer of the two brands was responsible.

What will be the specific approach? Just after an interview, we will be able to learn more about “OnePlus 2.0” and the development direction of the two systems after the merger.

He mentioned that the new sharing system will be based on the next-generation Android 13, and will be preloaded to the flagship mobile phone product “OnePlus 10” in 2022, which will inherit the smoothness and lightness of OxygenOS.

It will also introduce the stability and smart features of ColorOS, but it will remove advertising content.

Part of the active devices will be upgraded, and Nord 2 is the first model to use the earlier version of the integrated code base, so I believe this phone will also be the most complete updated active phone.

For OnePlus, the biggest advantage after merging with Oppo can be said to be a real improvement in the camera development part, because the number of people in their camera team will increase from about 100 in the past to 700.

In addition, since the OnePlus 9 series, it has been cooperating with the legendary camera brand Hasselblad, so everyone can look forward to the future development.