Pixel 6 “Superfans” out here gettin’ free socks!

Ahead of the Pixel 6 launch, Google made a big push to expand its “Superfans” community. Similar to last year, the company is offering some Pixel Superfans a gift in the form of “6 Pro” socks and stickers.

This year’s “small token” is a pair of socks that say “Google Pixel 6 Pro” with a mostly white and beige design. There are also various Material You-styles shapes in pastel colors to shake things up. The other gift is a stylized Google Tensor SoC sticker that’s labeled “Pixel Superfans” and an accompanying note:

Hi Superfan,

Please enjoy this small token of our appreciation. Your feedback helps inform future feature drops and products, so we truly couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you for being part of our community.


the Pixel team


In late 2020, some members of the community received deconstructed Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and 5 prints that were ideal for framing. They were quite nice, but this year’s gift of Pixel 6 socks — a Google favorite — is presumably more economical and allows Google to reach more Superfans.

It comes as more than a few people that were accepted into the program have yet to be added to the Facebook group. As a result, they missed out on a chance to buy the Pixel 6 in-person from Google Store Chelsea on launch day.