Pricing from US$399, the new shape of the iPad mini 6 has been exposed

This week, it was reported that the iPhone 13 series and AirPods 3 will be released on September 14 and will go on sale on the 17th. In September, Apple is said to have an iPad special event, with the protagonists iPad 9 and iPad mini 6.

Following the exposure of the rendering, it is reported that the pricing of the iPad mini 6 starts at $399, which is consistent with the current mini 5.

Compared to the iPad 9 which only upgraded the processor to A13 and made the body thinner, the iPad mini 6 has changed a lot.

It has an 8.4-inch full screen, side Touch ID, A14 processor and supports the third-generation Apple Pencil.

In addition, the cellular version is no longer limited to 4G, but is upgraded to support 5G to improve productivity attributes.

According to sources, the internal code name of the iPad 9 is J181, it is equipped with an A13 processor, and the screen is still 10.2 inches.

Of course, if you have a sufficient budget, it is recommended to continue to wait for the next generation of iPad Pro. It is said that it will switch to a titanium alloy body and cancel the speaker opening (which can still deliver high-quality sound).