Redmi K40–The best phone I have ever used, despite some little problems!

Game aspect:

The straight screen is really cool for mobile games, the distance between each button is slightly wider than other models, and it feels good to use.

However, a small problem was found. There is a 10% probability that the start menu box will be touched by mistake when sliding the game direction with the left hand, resulting in a white border at the top of the horizontal screen, which affects the operation of the game.

I tried it, and part of the probability is that the system will occasionally switch the menu by default when I slide the direction.

Mi’s screen gesture recognition will have this kind of problem. Including the Mi 8 I used before will also appear.

In terms of signal:

Redmi has inherited the common problem of poor signal of Xiaomi for the same several mobile phones.

After evaluation by the same operator, several colleagues in our office agreed that Huawei’s signal was the best.

This is just a common problem of Xiaomi, not specifically Redmi k40.

The biggest problem in use:

The screen is often completely black, there is no response to operations, and the phone cannot be hung up.

You have to press the side fingerprint button many times to solve the problem sluggishly.

Side fingerprint unlocking: One month’s experience tells me that it is not as good as screen unlocking or back unlocking.

Although the unlocking rate is higher than that of the screen unlocking, the false touch rate is higher than that of the back unlocking.

Solution: Press to unlock in the fingerprint settings.

Other aspects:

Redmi k40 still maintains good performance. When playing the video, Dolby sound is turned on, and you will find that the k40 speakers will still give you some surprises.