Logitech MX Master3 is the most powerful office mouse

Logitech MX Master3 has a bunch of custom buttons and rich gesture operation methods, which can make daily office work and video editing very efficient!

In daily operations, I will define some commonly used buttons in the mouse, such as copy, paste, and cut, as well as open folders, full screen, close pages, forward and backward, etc.

When video editing, I will define all the operations on the right side of the keyboard to the mouse, such as enter, up, down, left, and right, delete, etc, so that my right hand does not need to switch back and forth between the mouse and the keyboard.

My favorite is the media control button. In any scene, press and hold the button to push up to increase the volume, pull down to decrease the volume, slide left to the previous song, slide right to the next song, and play and pause in the middle, which is awesome and convenient.