Ranking of weapons in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

No.10 AKM

This gun is basically a gun that you can pick up when you encounter it before it is weakened, but after a weakening, the recoil is very large, resulting in this gun now becoming a transitional gun, and it can only be picked up when there are no other weapons on the ground. , But it can still be used after installing a holographic sight and muzzle compensation.

No.9 M249

The M249 is an airdrop equipment that makes this gun difficult to get. The 100 rounds of magazines can be shot in a few seconds, and the super high speed of reloading (8.2) seconds makes the player stop watching, but it can shoot for a long time.


No.8 mini14

I think it is equivalent to the M4 with full accessories. It returns to the center very fast, the rate of fire is very fast, and it is very comfortable to shoot quickly. The damage is generally 4 rounds to knock down a person, but the damage is too small.


The automatic mode can also better cope with close hand-to-hand combat. Generally speaking, it is a very modest gun with no obvious advantages and disadvantages.

No.6 M16A4

The single shot of M16A4 is very stable, it is almost very accurate within 300-400 meters, there is no huge recoil.


No.5 Groza

This is an automatic rifle that consumes 7.62mm ammunition, no different from other 5.56 guns. The damage is high, followed by full-automatic close-range shooting, and the rate of fire is very fast. It should be noted that only airdrops are available.

No.4 kar98k

No.3 M24

It is a bolt-action rifle like the 98K. It is an upgraded version of the 98K. It is a little more powerful and a little louder, but the sound of the gun with a silencer is really good.

No.2 AWM

No.1 Pan