Don’t know how to grab the airdrop in PUBG? Let me tell you!

Everyone knows that there are good things in the airdrop, let’s take a look at what will be refreshed in the airdrop supply box.

1. Medicines

Medical box, first aid kit, adrenaline.

2. Accessories

8 times lens, 15 times lens and various accessories of rifle and sniper rifle.

3. Equipment

three-level helmet, three-level body armor, snow white three-level package

4. Weapons and ammos

AWM, M24, MK14, M249, AUG or GROZA with corresponding ammos.

5. Clothes

Yellow Ghillie suit, green Ghillie suit or other fashionable jackets.

So how can you win over others to get these good pieces of stuff?

The main points of the airdrop competition:

1. 1. To Know in advance whether anyone is around the airdrop.

In the safety zone, the airdrop will be close or far away, but according to the route and the number of parachutes, it can be determined that no one is faster.

After 2 to 4 circles, most of the people who compete for airdrops are militants. If you have no confidence in your marksmanship and want to continue to live, don’t try it lightly.

2. Preparation before departure:

A vehicle. The car and the airdrop box can be formed at a right angle to become a 180-degree blindage, the motorcycle can ensure quick evacuation, and the boat can be used to pick up the airdrop on the water.


Throw things in advance to free up capacity. For example, extra bullets, medicines, and secondary weapons. Don’t waste time picking up things, it may take a long time.

Teammates with high-power scopes occupy the surrounding high-point to set guns. The team drives the teammates to the top of the mountain or other high spots, and then one person drives to pick up the airdrop.

Don’t stay if you found the airdrop has been picked up. If you find guns, helmets, and body armor on the ground when you approach, it proves that the airdrop has been picked up. Do not stop too much, because people who arrive later will immediately notice people around when they see the airdrop.

Smakk TIPS:

1. The moment when the airdrop fell, it must be within the white circled safety zone.

2. The red smoke from the airdrop will still appear after a long time. Red smoke does not mean just dropped or not picked up, but red smoke must be emitted as soon as it falls, so people around the airdrop will obviously be able to see it.

3. The airdrop will not kill people, it will squeeze people aside, and the car can pull away the airdrop.