The most suitable weapons for boys and girls respectively in PUBG

For girls: M416

This 5.56 bullet caliber automatic assault rifle is the first choice for many girls, because most girls really do not understand the game as well as boys, so they often do not choose AKM, M762 and other 7.62 bullet caliber rifles, but choose 5.56 bullet caliber rifle, with this type of firearm, they can exert their strength to the greatest extent.

For boys: AWM

Since this gun was not an air-dropped gun, it has become a popular gun since it was originally sought after by many people. The status of 98K has been greatly reduced due to a weakening, and it can only lag behind AWM. Although this gun may have fewer bullets compared to 98K, it cannot stop the high damage of this gun. The long-distance tertiary head can also be shot with a headshot. It is really a particularly easy-to-use gun. , And for many skilled people, a sniper shot with more than 20 bullets is enough, but the downside of this gun is that it’s really too difficult to pick up.