According to the rumours, the PUBG will come back to India soon

Here is the rumour about PUBG: PUBG Mobile India Relaunch Could Happen in the Next Two Months; Govt Reportedly Gives Green Signal to Lift Ban.

There are rumors that PUBG Mobile games can be used again in India. PUBG Corporation said it will adjust certain aspects of the game according to local cultural requirements.

Last September, this battle royal game type game “The Verge” was blocked by the Indian government. Since then, Tencent Games, a game developer and publisher, has been banned from operating in India.

As a result, the game was withdrawn from release on October 30. However, some people who have installed the game on Android and iOS phones can still play after that date.

The plan is that the latest version of the game will use the new name PUBG Mobile India, which is tailored specifically to the needs of gamers in the country. Even so, it has not been revealed when the game platform will be launched again.

PUBG Corporation stated that the changes made are aimed at improving the content in the game and meeting local needs. For example, change the blood color to green.

In addition, the game will be played in the “virtual simulation training ground” instead of in the real world. On Monday, November 16, India’s PUBG mobile communications company will also restrict young players’ time to play games.

PUBG Mobile India will also provide age restrictions for players. PUBG is committed to providing maximum data protection and complying with applicable laws and regulations in the country.

In addition to changing the game content, PUBG Corporation and its parent company Krafton announced that they will invest 100 million US dollars in India to develop India’s video game, e-sports, entertainment and technology industry ecosystem.