Razer has released the new Razer Kiyo Pro camera

On February 23, Razer officially released the Razer Kiyo Pro, a USB camera with a high-performance adaptive light sensor that can ensure high fidelity of images in low-light environments.


Razer Kiyo Pro is equipped with STARVIS starlight-level light-sensing technology, which is a back-illuminated pixel technology, mainly used in the CMOS sensor of surveillance cameras, providing high-quality images from visible light areas to near-infrared areas. With this technology, Razer Kiyo Pro can continuously output vivid and clear video images in various typical home office environments.

The camera can achieve uncompressed full HD 1080p 60FPS, providing excellent image fidelity and detail. Enabling the HDR mode at 30FPS can effectively expand the dynamic imaging range of the video, and correct the overexposed and underexposed areas in real-time. Even under the backlight, the image will not show silhouettes, so that the entire video screen is balanced with realistic colors and rich details. There are three options for viewing angles of 103°, 90°, and 80°.


To provide a better uncompressed video quality, Razer Kiyo Pro uses a USB 3.0 connection of up to 5GB/sec and provides a lens cover to provide proper protection for the lens and prevent accidental leakage of privacy.