Recommendation! Those cleaning tools that you need most at home

Electric cleaning arm

This is a tool I like to use recently. It is equipped with four brush heads, and it has an extended handle, and the head can also be rotated. Use a flat head to clean the sink. The small detail brush is used to clean the dead corners of the kitchen console, and the power of the two gears can be adjusted. I use mushroom heads and extended handles to clean the bathtub.

Foam bleach

I used this bleach to clean the sink. You can see the effect of the sink filter in my picture after using it, and you know how powerful it is. After spraying it, wait a while before cleaning. But it will have a great smell of disinfectant.

Scale cleaner

Regarding the scale, I have used this to clean it, and it has a miraculous effect on the scale! The effect of descaling is stronger than that of foam.

Glass cleaner

I use it to clean glass. Japan really divides the cleaning products into fine detail. This one is mainly for the dirt on the glass.

Spray mop

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to bend over to attach the mop to the plate. In addition, it also comes with a spray, which can spray water while mopping the floor, and you can add an appropriate amount of disinfectant.

Magic cleaning sponge

Regarding this product, I accidentally bought it and found it to be very useful, so I went to stock up a large box