Redmi K50: First equipped with 2K OLED screen and dynamic refresh rate independent display

Recently, because Qualcomm is about to release a new generation of flagship chips, Xiaomi, which first released new chips in previous generations, has also attracted attention. Many people believe that Xiaomi 12 will still release a new generation of Snapdragon 8 chips.

According to previous product planning, Xiaomi’s other highly anticipated model, Redmi K50, will not arrive immediately. This time period will be the exclusive stage for Xiaomi Mi 12.

The Redmi K50 should be officially launched in February and March after the Spring Festival. While maintaining a high cost performance, it will also bring very powerful performance.

More importantly, after multiple generations of evolution, the K series is no longer a low-cost flagship with a single stack of performance.

But it will bring a full range of flagship experience in more aspects, such as the well-received appearance on the K40 and the E4 material OLED high-brush screen.

As the next-generation upgraded product, Redmi K50 will continue its previous strategy and continue to be equipped with an ultra-high-quality screen.


This morning, a well-known blogger revealed a screen survey of Redmi’s future new phones, which also spoiled the screen configuration information of Redmi K50.

According to the exposure options, Redmi’s internal planning for new products has five aspects: independent display, LCD, E6 material OLED, adaptive refresh rate technology, and 2K ultra-clear resolution.

It is worth noting that the 2K ultra-clear resolution OLED, E6 material, independent display chip and other specifications are all new configurations that have never been applied by the Redmi brand before.

Combining the previous product revelations and the positioning of the K50, this machine is likely to become Redmi’s first 2K model, and supports higher specification refresh rate adjustments.

There is also the opportunity to be equipped with a new generation of E6 material OLED screen, becoming the top display in the same gear, which is very worth looking forward to.