Redmi K50 series exposure: upgrade to 67W fast charge

There are basically no shortcomings in all aspects of the design of the Redmi K40 series. The appearance, screen, and performance are remarkable. The next-generation Redmi K50 series have also begun to be exposed recently.

It was previously reported that the Redmi K50 series is expected to be officially released around the Spring Festival, including the standard version and the Pro version. The front has a 120Hz high-brush centered single-hole screen, and there is no under-screen camera, but the main rear camera will be 48 million pixels and 108 million pixels, the high-end version adopts the successor of Snapdragon 888, or named Snapdragon 895.


The latest exposure confirmed that the centered single-hole screen, the Snapdragon 895, and the fast charge will be standard 67W, K40 and K40 Pro are both 33W fast charge, and the K40 game enhanced version is 67W.


As for whether the E5 material panel and screen fingerprint will be displayed, it is still uncertain, but it looks promising.

The Snapdragon 895 is expected to be manufactured using the 4nm process, but it is not clear whether it is TSMC or Samsung. Snapdragon 888 has unfortunately become a “fire dragon”, and Samsung 5nm will bear a great deal of responsibility. It depends on how Qualcomm chooses.