Redmi’s first gaming phone has been launched: equipped with Dimensity 1200

Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing has predicted that Redmi will build a “gaming phone” equipped with MediaTek’s strongest flagship processor Dimensity 1200.

According to Redmi product director Wang Teng, the aircraft will officially debut in April.

Just now, the blogger brought the latest news about the machine. He revealed that the Redmi gaming phone has been connected to the Internet, model M2104K10C, developed code-named ares, and it is equipped with Dimensity 1200 processor.

It is worth mentioning that the code name of the aircraft adopts the name of ares, the god of war in ancient Greek mythology, and is one of the most powerful symbols of the twelve gods.

Redmi’s first gaming phone adopts the name of ares as the code name, which also reflects the internal definition of the ultimate performance of this phone, and it also meets the pursuit of performance for gaming phones.


According to previous news, the front of the Redmi gaming phone will be equipped with an OLED centered perforated straight screen, and the front camera uses the same Samsung E4 screen and ultra-small openings as the K40, which can effectively ensure the display area and have top display and control effects. Bring the top gaming experience.

As the main gaming phone for e-sports, having sufficient battery life is an important guarantee for the gaming experience. The Redmi gaming phone has a built-in at least 5000mAh large battery + 65W ultra-fast flash charge, which not only provides sufficient battery life, but also within half an hour Replenish the battery.

In addition, the Redmi gaming phone is also expected to add a gaming shoulder button similar to the Black Shark phone, which can easily achieve four-finger operation.

As for the price, it is reported that the starting price of Redmi gaming phone is likely to be less than 2500 yuan, which is expected to become the cheapest gaming phone, which is worth looking forward to.